I'm really grateful to have had the opportunity to be trained by Rick. I chose 3 times a week - Mon, Wed and Fri. I chose Virtual training due to my work schedule and Rick would meet in person at my request for any additional training I may need. My results came easy once I committed to my regimen. If you're serious about getting results and don't mind working hard, then Rick should be your choice!

Johnny Alexander
Rick is an absolute game-changer in the world of personal training. With his individualized approach, I've shed weight, sculpted muscle and achieved levels of strength and cardio fitness I never thought possible. His dedication to pushing you beyond your limits is nothing short of inspirational - no flashy tricks, just old-fashioned determination.

Even if you aren't motivated to start but know it's crucial for your health, you'll be thrilled to have Rick as your trainer. He makes every session fun and ensures you stick with it, even on dats when you don't want to. If you're ready to pour your heart into your fitness journey, Rick is the unwavering support you need. He's more than a trainer; he's a catalyst for transformation.

Kristy Chase
I've worked with Rick for 20+ years. He is outstanding. He has adjusted exercises to meet my current fitness abilities while keeping my fitness goals as the target. He is tough while also being kind, he drives you while also making sure you are sage. His kickboxing, self defense and boot camp classes are outstanding! Rick is great and I plan to work with him for the next 20+ years.

Plus he has great availability with his hours, he is flexible with his schedule. he is affordable. The results I have achieved in strength and mobility have changed my life. I am more physically fit and active at 55 than I was at 25.

Victoria Rizzo
Rick is a great trainer who finds the essential training regimen for my individual needs. I was able to gain strength and cardio in no time and also lose weight in the process.

Jesse Grimes
I've been training with Derrick Nowlin for over 2 years and hiring him as my personal trainer is one of the best decisions I've ever made. After struggling with my fitness routine and nutrition, Derrick provided me the structure, guidance, and motivation I needed to completely transform my health and wellbeing.

In just the first few months, I gained noticeable muscle, dropped body fat, and had way more energy thanks to the customized workout plans. Derrick's positive encouragement and coaching push me to believe in myself and feel proud of the progress I'm making. I'm stronger, healthier and happier than I've ever been before. Derrick's training is truly life changing - his strategic fitness approach produces real, sustainable results. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Andrew Chase

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